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At MecaMarketing I offer great website design and Search Engine Domination, (dominate your market on the Internet to get more clients) in the Corvallis and Albany areas.

corvallis web design

If you are looking for a great looking website in Corvallis Oregon or you are looking for a great looking website in Albany Oregon, you can visit my official page by clicking on this link: Corvallis Web Design

A good looking web design is great because it will make your future customers (the people visiting your site right now) trust you.

Nowadays we all know that the majority of every local purchase starts with a search on the internet. And if they find a website that it is slow, sloppy, confusing or without the proper structure, the visitors will go to another page, a.k.a. your competitors website.

The question you should be asking yourself is this: Do I want visitors to become customers or do I want them to run away from my business because “I look unprofessional”?

Watch this video where I walk you through some basics about web design and marketing strategies that you should have already implemented on your website.

OK, so let’s say you already have a great, fast, professional, good looking website that converts really well… now the next question is:

How are people interested in your services going to find your website? This takes me to the next point…

As you may know a good web design in Corvallis Oregon or Albany Oregon (or anywhere, really) is necessary, but how do you make people find your business?

Well, as I said just above, most of the people look on Google to find local business and the results that they see are usually only TEN (unless there are a lot of local listings).

Do you know what happens if you are not in one of those first ten results? I am also involved in Portland SEO

You don’t get any clients thanks to your website.

Having a good web design in Corvallis or Albany is not enough!

Now, there are two things you can do about it. One is to hire someone that will hopefully know a little bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and may be able to make your business show up in … maybe one position in the top 10 Google results?

… Maybe…

And this is ok… having one position in the search engines is a good choice.

Now what if I tell you that you can have more than just one position on the first page of Google? It would be like having more than one office or stores in the same city.

The result?

More clients, customers, patients or whatever your business does…

This is what I call SED or Search Engine Domination, and today this could be the new direction your business can take: dominating your market and getting more clients. I do it to with my SEO company in Portland.

This is the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Domination:

Please, go now and visit my website or just give me a call at 503 451 3904 to talk and see if we can work together.